May 1, 2019 |8:30AM-4PM|The Ramada | Lewiston | Maine

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Technician Education Track

What You Need to Know About Ductless Heat Pumps

Presented by: Bob Hedden of the Hedden Company

There has been a lot of noise in the media about heat pumps as the solution to climate change. Your customers are probably asking you about them. Maybe they already bought one and are asking you to service it. In this session Bob will present the advantages and disadvantages of heat pumps and describe the service they require.\

There is a wide variation in how much a customer uses their heat pump. According to a Vermont study the annual equivalent full-load hours of heating use by heat pumps owners varies from under 500 hours to over 4,000! How and where they are installed, how the customer uses them, and how they are serviced all have an impact on how much they are used, and how satisfied your customer will be with their heat pump. Bob will discuss how you can help you customers decide if one is right for them, and how to get the most out of the one they already own. 

Propane Safety Documentation - What's the Point?

Presented by: Brent Cammett Senior Consultant, Safety and Training, P3 Propane Safety and Phil Saraceno of Federation Insurance 

By reviewing a safety inspection form in detail participants will better understand the importance of the data they are collecting.  This interactive session will review why inspection data is collected, how the inspection should be correctly documented and actual consequences of not providing correct documentation.

Emergency Response Training

Presented by: Byron Brenda, PGANE

Codes Update

Presented by: Peter Holmes of the Maine Fuel Board

Tech Break Out Session #1

Technician Training/Certification: Dave Newman F.W. Webb

Pressure Test/Leak Check

What’s the difference, which one do I need, and how do I perform them? Attendees will learn the difference, the code requirements, and how to perform both tasks.

Tech Break Out Session #2

Technician training/Certification: Nick Snell, Urell